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Nearby Attractions

Soaring cliff walls with spectacular rock formations line the 25 km tarred road which winds along the floor of the gorge, crossing the Groot River 25 times. Take a walk up to the impressive waterfall, well hidden in the deep ravine, and visited in 1925 by the then Prince of Wales. The water drops some 60m into a deep pool. Legend has it that a mermaid hides here, but even if you don't see her, you can still enjoy the beauty of this magical spot.

Herrie Se Klip

Herrie se Klip, which you will find in Meiringspoort, was declared a National Monument on August 3, 1971. This famous spot where the Herrie Stone can be seen was C J Langenhoven’s , (the well known writer and attorney) favourite place to relax and write his ever popular books. The name Herrie was chiselled by him as a monument to the imaginary elephant from his story “Herrie op die Tremspoor” (Harry on the Tram Line). Langenhoven wrote South Africa’s first National Anthem (part of which is included in the present anthem). His famous comment about Meiringspoort, is: “In each bend you will find a drift and at each drift a bend.”

Cango Caves

The Cango Caves lie 30 kilometres outside Outshoorn. They contain some of the biggest stalagmite formations in the world, set in Precambrian times. They are recognised as one of South Africa’s greatest tourist attractions.

Kammanassie Nature Reserve

The reserve lies between the Swartberg and Outeniqua Mountains and is known for its small isolated mountain rising abruptly from the surrounding plain – the Kammanassie Mountain.

Little Karoo Wine Route

Renowned for its extremes in soils and climate, and despite the low rainfall for the area, viticulture thrives in the riverine sites, kloofs and valleys of the route’s spectacularly rugged mountains. The various microclimates enable Klein Karoo winemakers to produce a wide variety of quality wines including dry wines, fortified wines and pot-stilled brandies. World-class Port and South Africa’s champion Muscadel are specialities among the fortified wines produced here. There is also a whole host of outstanding red and white wines produced locally.

Route 62

Route 62 is modelled on the iconic US Route 66, made famous by the late, great Nat King Cole in the mid 20th century song. Travellers headed for the Garden Route will find that Route 62 offers a more scenic alternative to the N2 between George and Cape Town.